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    10 Occasions That Need to be Marked With Sweets

    pick and mix sweets delivery

    Theres no getting around it, some things in life are better celebrated with sweets.

    If youre thinking of treating a loved one this year, here are the top 10 occasions to buy pick n mix online:

    Delightful Occasions to Mark With Pick N Mix

    VALENTINES DAY – What could spell out LOVE more than a bag of something sweet? Pick 10 of their favourites and watch them swoon.

    MOTHERS DAY – Mums do so much for everyone else that its nice to do something special for them, especially in time for Mothers Day. Pick 10 of her favourite sweets and make up a Mothers Day Jar with her name on it. 

    CONGRATULATIONS – Whatever the occasion, show your support with a sweet gift. Add a note at checkout and your present will be delivered right to their door. 

    EASTER – The official chocolate holiday! Plan an Easter Hunt with You Pick We Mix’s Easter Hamper. A goodie bag full of chocolates, an Easter Egg and a 1kg bag of sweets. Who will you share with?

    NEW JOB – Celebrate a friends new job or promotion with a bag of their favourite pick n mix or get to know your new colleagues by sharing a 1kg around the office.   

    FATHERS DAY – I dont know any dads who dont LOVE pick n mix. Its a no brainer! Make up a massive 2 litre Fathers Day Jar and get it sent straight to Dads door. 

    SAYING THANK YOU – Whether theyve looked after your goldfish, watered your houseplants or taken in your latest ASOS delivery, say thank you in the sweetest way with a bag of Pick n Mix.

    NEW BABY – Rescue new parents from their sleepless nights with a much-needed sugar fix. Shop for their favourite pick n mix online, add a gift note and get it sent directly to their door.

    CHEERING UP – Sometimes life can be really hard. Make someones day a little brighter with a Pick n Mix pick me up. 

    CHRISTMAS – If youre looking for a present for Secret Santa, to fill a Christmas eve stocking or searching for a present for that hard to buy for family member, *cough* Dad *cough*, buying pick n mix online could be a winner.  

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