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    Create Your Mix

    Create Your Own Pix n Mix Online

    Build your own personalised pick n mix pouch, full of your favourite classic sweets and get them delivered straight to your door. Are you looking for a personalised gift for a friend or do you just have a sweet tooth? Then why not create your own pix n mix, with over 50 sweets to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.

    Build Your Own Personalised Mix

    Our build your own Pix n Mix gives you the option to choose your own favorite sweets. Choose from whatever you would like, they can all be the same sweet or all be totally different, that's the joy of choosing our personalised Pix n Mix.

    Choose The Perfect Size For You

    Our custom pix n mix pouches are available in 3 sizes for whatever your sweet treat needs. Choose our 500g snack pouch for a smaller tasty treat. Our 1kg pix n mix are perfect for snacking on throughout the day or perfect for gifting. If you're feeling super sweet try our 2kg pouch, with 10 sweet options to choose from you'll be in sweet heaven.

    Choose From Our Delicious Range of Sweets

    With over 50 delicious sweets to choose from in flavours you know and love, what are you waiting for. Create your own personalised mix today!

    Classic Pix n Mix Sweets To Choose From

    With more than 50 tasty sweets to choose from it can be overwhelming to choose. Here are some of our favourites to start you off on your Pix n Mix:

    Cola Bottles

    One of the nation's favourite sweets! And a Pix n Mix classic, these delicious cola flavour bottles are irresistible.

    Strawberry Bons

    Sweet and chewy strawberry goodness. Break threw the dusty crunching for a sweet tasty flavour.

    Fried Eggs

    Milky, fruity and flavorful! Fried eggs are a Pix n Mix staple, but don't worry they dont taste like eggs.

    Gummy Bears

    Possibly the cutest sweet in our pix n mix range, the gummy bear. These delicious sweets will brighten up any day.

    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to Pick n Mix there isn't much we don't know or haven't tried. We love all things sweet and we love being able to share that. We only use the freshest of sweets and pack them with love and care. Did you know that our colourful Pix n Mix pouches are fully recyclable. Good for the environment and for your appetite.

    Next Day Delivery Pix n Mix Jars

    Need a present as soon as possible or can just not wait to tuck in to your delicious selection of sweets then why not order with next day delivery postage. Orders placed after midday will be shipped the following working day. If you are feeling extra hungry and spend over £30 we offer free standard delivery, what's not to love!

    The Freshest Sweets

    Fully Recyclable Packaging

    Next Day Delivery Available